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4 Colour Schemes That Complement Your Mood

From soft and muted to bold, surround yourself with shades that encourage a relaxing ambience
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 18-09-2021 14:00pm

1. Forest Greens
If there’s one colour that’s giving grey a run for its money at the moment, it’s green. Nature and our surroundings will always be a continuing influence when it comes to decorating and this season the on-trend colour palette for bedrooms seems to be leaning towards the Scandinavian blue-green and grey-green end of the scale rather than the yellow-based tones. As Cathryn Helsby, marketing manager at Earthborn, explains, “Green tones naturally evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Also, incorporating organic elements like houseplants into your décor can be a great way to easily add a further layer of this gorgeous colour into your sleeping space.”

A lick of green paint, whether it’s just on a feature wall or all over, can add a cheerful look. For your room, try Breakfast Room Green 81 from Farrow & Ball

"Greens that have an underlying grey such as olive and eucalyptus feel familiar and cocooning and they’re also really versatile. You’ll find that lighter tones are airy and light for a subtle and calming room, while the deeper ones are more dramatic and enveloping," says Judy Smith, colour consultant at Crown Paints.

Complement greens such as Promenade and Steam Engine, from Crown Paints, with natural shades such as On the Rocks

2. Earthy Tones
If you are drawn to more rich and fiery colours, then an earthy palette is for you. Think rich hues such as terracotta and chocolate which add a feeling of warmth. Be careful not to make your room too dark and moody by incorporating a cooler neutral colour. “Grey is an ideal complementing colour for coral as it gives it a hint of masculinity and tempers the popping personality of coral to allow this calming space to remain tranquil but captivating. Use cream accessories to soften this combination and textured accessories, such as quilted throws and woven rugs for a cosy finish,” says Rebecca Craig, head of design for the Sanderson studios.

A soothing grey scheme is given an uplifting feel with a splash of Coral Shadow, used here on the skirting and on the walls of the dressing room. Scotch Grey is on the bedroom walls

"It’s impossible to feel sad when you’re surrounded by orange. Warm and inviting, it looks fabulous when paired with other autumnal hues such as mahogany and yellow," informs Rebecca Williamson, senior colour and design manager at Dulux.

bedroom, colouful, simple, minimalistic, paint, conran, bed, smashed, terracotta pot, minimalistic

Creating an atmospheric look, Smashed Berry and Terracotta Pot colours are ideal for adding drama

3. Ochre Gold
We’ve seen metallic accents, particularly rose gold and copper creeping into kitchens and bathrooms, so why not embrace this colour in your bedroom too? Cherished Gold was announced as the Colour of the Year 2016 by Dulux and this ochre hue is proving a beauty. Accents of yellow and gold will add warmth to a darker scheme and can work nicely to lift a deep, moody colour palette. Rebecca Williamson, senior colour and design manager at Dulux, explains, “Gold and tones of gold are being used everywhere in the design world. It’s a recurring colour and material at design fairs and in graphic design as well as in architecture, fashion and interior decorating. Metallics will continue to add a touch of glamour to our bedrooms.”

Balance a darker base palette with accents of yellow and gold

"Gold and yellow tones are warm and optimistic to wake up to, imbuing bedrooms with a gentle glow, and they also have a restful quality that’s ideal for inducing a wonderful night’s sleep. They’re versatile too, working with everything from soft greys and blues to rich purples," says Colin Roby-Welford, creative director of Fired Earth.

5 Ways to Make Copper Shine in Your Kitchen

bedroom, colouful, simple, yellow, blue, multicoloured, metallic, accents, rgold, hague blue, colour contrasts,

The deep Hague Blue 30 contrasts with the Yellow Cake 279 colour, both emulsion from Farrow & Ball

4. Skyscape Blues
Our colour choices are closely tied to personal expression because we feel comfortable in our surroundings, which is why blue is a popular choice, particularly in bedrooms, because it creates a relaxed and laid-back mood. David Mottershead, managing director at Little Greene, says, “Blue is the richest of colours, and historically the most expensive to produce. In art, blue paint was reserved for depicting royalty, dignitaries and religious figures and still holds the same luxurious appeal.” Far from being cold, this colour can be tranquil and calming as well as vivid, especially with the more vibrant shades including cobalt and electric blue.

Contemporary appeal is added to an architectural room with walls painted in Blue Gum 620

"Far from being unwelcoming, blue tones actually evoke a calm and serene feeling. Don’t be afraid of using darker shades, as the room can simply be uplifted with the use of white and neutral linens and soft lighting," says Mike Howes, director of Paint by Conran.

Colours that you’d find together in nature create a serene scheme. Here, White Sedge and Mon Ami add a two-tone effect

Credit: Emma Foale (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 245, September 2016

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